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ISRlight, the smart open source solution for PostFinance AG customers


ISRlight is a fully fledged replacement for PostFinance AG's existing E-List solution for printing inpayment slips under Windows XP.

You can additionally issue and send out e-invoices.

ISRlight is platform-independent (Windows, Mac or Linux) and will run on any common web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

There is no need to install any software locally on your computer, and you can simply work with blank inpayment slips. The ISR reference number will be automatically generated and printed on the inpayment slip. There is no need to key in ISR reference numbers.

If you wish you can download a backup of the data to your PC at any time. Access to ISRlight is over a secure connection encrypted using https.


Invoice addresses
Entering invoice addresses is easy. You can also differentiate between invoice addresses for organizations and individuals.

Write invoices
All you need to do is enter the text for the invoice and the respective amount. You can create invoices with or without VAT.

Entering articles
Your enter articles for goods or services and deposit prices and VAT rates.

Issuing invoices
You select the desired articles and adjust the volume or price. You can also issue invoices with differing VAT rates.

Print invoices
You can create PDF invoices at the click of a mouse. You can then print them on forms obtainable from PostFinance AG.

Sending out e-invoices
If you customer can receive e-invoices, you can, as an alternative to paper invoices, issue and send out e-invoices.

Post incoming payments
You can automatically post incoming payments to your postal account by downloading the ISR file from PostFinance AG and then importing it.

If invoices have not been paid on time, you can create PDF reminders with a single click. You can either print the reminders or e-mail them as PDF attachments.

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