URL: https://www.esrlight.ch/postportal/index.php?disclaimer-en


PostFinance AG recommends the product "ISRlight" from its cooperation partner leanux.ch AG which customers may use free of charge.

ISRlight is a web-based program which PostFinance AG customers can use to generate and manage invoices as well as post incoming payments.

When using ISRlight, customers' data is sent directly to leanux.ch AG's servers for processing there.

Use of ISRlight is governed solely by the contractual relationship between the PostFinance AG customer and leanux.ch AG

PostFinance AG therefore accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses attributable to the use of ISRlight.

PostFinance AG customers are also advised to read carefully the terms of use and liability defined by leanux.ch AG for the use of ISRlight.

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