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ISRlight, the smart open source solution for PostFinance AG customers

Legal notes

Anyone who accesses information published on the ISRlight website on the World Wide Web consents to the following terms and conditions:




Use of the ISRlight website und copyright
All content published on the ISRlight website is protected by copyright (all rights reserved). Downloading and printing individual pages or sections of the ISRlight website is permitted provided that neither the copyright notices nor other legally protected names are removed. If you download software or other data from the ISRlight website or otherwise replicate it, all ownership rights remain with leanux.ch AG. No part of the ISRlight website may be reproduced, transmitted (electronically or by other means), modified, linked or used for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of leanux.ch AG.


Ownership of the ISRlight website and trademark rights
"PostFinance AG", "SQL-Ledger" and the associated logos are registered trademarks of the individual companies. No part of the ISRlight website is to be construed in such a way as to grant a licence or the right to use an image, a registered trademark or a logo.


No assurances
Although leanux.ch AG endeavours to ensure that all the information on the ISRlight website is accurate at the time of publication, neither it nor its partners make any assurances or guarantees as to its correctness, reliability or completeness. The information and views published on the ISRlight website are subject to change at any time without notice.


No guarantees
No guarantees, either express or implied, are given for the accuracy of the information and views published on the ISRlight website. leanux.ch AG assumes no responsibility and provides no guarantee that ISRlight functions will run without interruption or are free of errors, or that errors will be rectified or that the ISRlight website and related servers are free of viruses or other malware.


Data privacy
leanux.ch AG complies with the provisions of Swiss data privacy laws when capturing and processing personal data.


Processing personal data
In order to provide market-responsive services, the customer agrees that leanux.ch AG may capture and process master data as well as www.esrlight.ch usage data (transaction data) for marketing and consulting purposes. leanux.ch AG undertakes not to make this data available to third parties other than to PostFinance AG.


leanux.ch AG accepts no liability whatsoever (including negligence) for damage or consequential losses arising from access to or use of elements of the ISRlight website, or from the inability to access or use such elements. 




References to persons
All references to persons are applicable to either gender, and include both the singular and the plural.




Links to other websites
leanux.ch AG has not checked the websites linked to the ISRlight website and accepts no responsibility for the content of such sites, nor for any products or services offered there.


Offerings on other websites
leanux.ch AG expressly distances itself from offerings on other websites that bear similarities to its own products and services.




Licence terms for ISRlight
The ISRlight software solution is based on the free-licence open source version 2.8.24 of SQL-Ledger®. SQL-Ledger® is subject to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, Juni 1991.

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