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ISRlight, the smart open source solution for PostFinance AG customers

PostFinance AG ISRlight

Welcome to the online demo of ISRlight.

Simply select a login and then log on. If you need to enter the password during the testing, which is a sign that a second person has registered himself with the same credentials. In such a case, simply log on as a new login.




With VAT
Login Password
esrlightdemoen30 leanux
esrlightdemoen31 leanux
esrlightdemoen32 leanux
esrlightdemoen33 leanux
esrlightdemoen34 leanux
Without VAT
Login   Passwort
esrlightdemoen35 leanux
esrlightdemoen36 leanux
esrlightdemoen37 leanux
esrlightdemoen38 leanux
esrlightdemoen39 leanux


ISRlight Instructions

Please note that the information you have entered in the ISRlight demonstration at any time by other persons may be altered or deleted.

If you want to use light ISR productive for yourself, you need to register here so that you will receive a personal login.


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