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ISRlight, the smart open source solution for PostFinance AG customers

Terms of use

Your relationship with leanux.ch AG
leanux.ch AG offers a large number of services (the "services"). The services are provided to you by leanux.ch AG, Industriestrasse 25, 8604 Volketswil, Switzerland. No entitlement exists for the provision of services, either as a whole or individually.

Please read these terms of use carefully before you use the services. By using the services, you indicate your acceptance of these terms of use.

The terms of use permit both private and commercial use of the services.

If you use the services, these terms of use govern your use of the services. Additional terms of use or other provisions which extend or modify these terms of use, govern your use of these services in detail, or form part of the usage relationship, apply to some of the services. Such additional terms of use or other provisions can be retrieved in each case in connection with the services provided.

The majority of services are provided to you free of charge. If leanux.ch AG requires payment for certain services, you may be required to consent to additional terms of use or other provisions in which you are notified in particular of fees, refunds, duration of services, changes to services and other information specific to such services.



Your ISRlight account 
Use of some services requires an ISRlight account. To register for an ISRlight account, you may require a user name, a separate e‑mail address and a password. If you register for a service, it is important that you provide leanux.ch with accurate and complete information, e.g. so that we can contact you by e‑mail if necessary. Use of the services is also possible under a pseudonym. You are responsible for the use of your ISRlight account and should ensure that your password is kept secret. If you notice any unauthorized use of your password or your account, you must notify leanux.ch.




Your use of services
You are not entitled to abuse the services, interfere with the services or access the services in any way other than via the user interfaces and/or other interfaces provided by leanux.ch. You must comply with the specifications set out in the robots.txt files for the services. You are forbidden to access the services using automated means, such as with robots or scripts for example.

If you violate these terms of use, additional conditions or other provisions applicable to the use of the respective service, leanux.ch may restrict your individual use of the services or terminate your use of them temporarily or permanently. If you are temporarily or permanently banned from using the services, the information in your user account, data and any other information stored there may be deleted. You should therefore always make a backup copy of your data.

If you add content to the services yourself, grant others access to this content, or transmit, display or store such content, you must ensure that you have the necessary copyright and other rights to the content, or that you are authorized to use it in the way you are doing, or are permitted to grant others such rights. leanux.ch is entitled to close the accounts of users whose use of the services infringes the copyright of others.



Content in the services
If you add content that is protected by copyright or is otherwise legally protected, such as texts, images, videos, audio files or computer software for example, to a particular service, you grant leanux.ch and its partners the necessary non-exclusive, worldwide and time-unlimited rights to use this content solely for the purpose of performing the respective service and to the degree necessary for that purpose. So that leanux.ch can offer the relevant service, the content must be stored and hosted on servers for example. Therefore the usage rights include in particular the right to duplicate the contents using technical means. You also grant leanux.ch the right to make your content public exclusively in the case where you intend to make it public due to the nature of the particular service, or where you expressly specify public accessibility. The right of public access ends when you remove the added content from a particular service or you rescind the granting of public access. Certain services may be subject to further conditions which may require additional rights to be granted.

leanux.ch is authorized to check content for unlawfulness or infringement of leanux.ch's code of conduct for the respective service. leanux.ch may furthermore remove or withhold display of unlawful content or content that infringes the code of conduct of leanux.ch for the respective service, or if leanux.ch justifiably suspects this to be the case. leanux.ch is not responsible for content you have added or for third-party content that you may inadvertently see when you use the services. leanux.ch does not take ownership of content.

Adverts may appear in some of the services. These are usually tailored to the content displayed or to search queries you make via the services, or to content otherwise used.



Rights of leanux.ch
leanux.ch and the licensors of leanux.ch retain all copyright and other rights to the services. You are not authorized to remove, conceal or alter legal information (such as copyright notices or trademarks) that are displayed in the services. If the use of a particular service requires you to install software on your computer, this software may require updating. You must agree to the updates in order to continue using the services. Additional terms of use or other provisions may apply to the software itself.



Modification or termination of services
leanux.ch is not obliged to provide the free services. In turn, you may stop using the services at any time.

The services of leanux.ch undergo development and may therefore change from time to time – for instance some functions or features may be added or removed. leanux.ch may also discontinue a service temporarily or permanently, for instance for technical or legal reasons. Wherever possible, and in particular in the event of the permanent discontinuation of a service for economic reasons, leanux.ch will inform you of the impending cessation as part of the respective service and, if it is a service that permits the management of personal content, give you sufficient time to back up the data, taking the respective interests into account.



Changes to these terms of use
leanux.ch may alter these conditions from time to time, for example in order to comply with legal or regulatory requirements, or to accommodate changes in service functionality. You should therefore review these terms of use periodically. The current terms of use may be found at www.esrlight.ch. If you do not accept the changed conditions, you must cease using the services. In this case, leanux.ch also reserves the right to exclude you from using individual or all services.



Disclaimer of warranty
leanux.ch takes no responsibility for the availability of services, the usability of the services for the purposes you require nor for the correctness and completeness of the content displayed.



General provisions
If a conflict should arise between these terms of use and additional terms of use or other provisions that apply to specific services, the additional terms of use or other provisions take precedence.

The interpretation of these terms of use is governed by the laws of Switzerland. The place of jurisdiction is the location of the head office of leanux.ch AG.


Date: 18. August 2009

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